European Association for Music in Schools

Save the date!

The EAS and five Lithuanian universities invite you to the EAS Conference 2016 “Looking for the Unexpected: Creativity and Innovation in Music Education”, which will take place in Vilnius, Lithuania, on 16-19 March 2016: four days of workshops, presentations, symposia and concerts.

We invite participants to consider: How do we recognize a creative learner and how do we measure his or her creativity? What does it mean to be creative in music? What are the characteristics of creative pupils, students, and professional artists? What are the features of a creative music teacher, and what does it mean to teach creatively? Our particular focus will be on innovations in music education. Every country and each person has unique understandings in this area. We invite you to share your experiences, and we look for fresh, unexpected and surprising ideas.

Important dates

We look forward to seeing you in Vilnius in 2016!

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