Music Ensembles


The Girls’ Choir of the “Liepaitės” Choral Singing School. Colourful, broad and intense – these are some adjectives that describe the activities of the choir led by conductor Jolita Vaitkevičienė. The choir has participated and won in many national and international choir festivals or competitions. The girls represent Lithuania and the Lithuanian choral traditions at various official events.


The Boys’ Choir “Dagilėlis” of Šiauliai is one of the most prominent groups of the choral category in Lithuania and the entire Baltic region. “Dagilėlis” was founded in 1990 by its director Remigijus Adomaitis. The choir regularly participates in various international projects, festivals and achieves highest awards at international choir competitions.


The Children’s and Youth Band “Jovaras” is directed by Ugnius Vaiginis. Young people learn to play brass and woodwind instruments and have the opportunity to perform at various venues. The ensemble has achieved highest awards in various projects, festivals and competitions.     


The Children’s Choir of the Vydūnas Gymnasium. The choir was established in 1992, together with the Klaipėda School of the Humanities. The choir often performs Lithuanian choral music for children, but world masterpieces are included in the repertoire as well. Despite intensive concert activity, the process of music education and personality development is the main focus of the Children’s Choir of the Vydūnas gymnasium.


The folk-rock group “Atalyja”. The name of the group means “The rain is coming”. The Lithuanian folk-rock band seeks to popularise archaic Lithuanian folklore and bring the ancient songs closer to the contemporary listener. The ensemble’s works boast a wide variety of musical styles, a rich tonal palette and unique, inventive arrangements. The ancient melodies are enriched with elements of rock, jazz, funk, blues-rock, metal and Indian music.


A Creative Class. Eighth graders from Klaipėda’s Vydūnas gymnasium and their teacher Ingrida Bertulienė, like all the rest of the gymnasium, are led by philosopher Vydūnas, who stated: “Never is a person as beautiful as when he is creating”. They are teenagers: ambitious, sometimes rebellious and even negative, but when led by creative ideas they become supportive and propulsive, courageous, steadfast, reliable and gratified because of the mutual creative activities.


A Composition Class. Students of the Vilnius Balys Dvarionas music school can realise their creative ideas by attending composition lessons. The teacher of the composition class is composer Vaida Beinarienė. Students are introduced to the compositional techniques of various periods, and have an opportunity to understand different music genres and forms.


The Klaipėda Youth Theatre. The Theatre was established on May 22, 2012. The main goal – always look for new shapes and forms on stage; work with drama, music, rhythm and lights. The Klaipėda Youth Theatre prides itself on being open and curious, which is what the word youth represents. “For us youth is not about age. It’s about great vitality and perfectionism in life”. The play Tunes is based on folk songs and attempts to interpret Lithuanian folk songs in a way the actors hear and understand them.