European Association for Music in Schools

Open Call for EAS National Coordinators (NCs)

The EAS announces an open call, among its members, for the positions of the National Coordinator, for the year 2021, for the following countries (applications by 1st of March 2021): Slovenia, Latvia, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands.

EAS National Coordinator: Role Description and responsibilities

The ‘National Coordinators’ (NCs) represent the EAS at national level. They support music education activities and initiatives in their countries, and they communicate these activities at European level. They may cooperate in this with other representatives of the EAS, primarily with the EAS board members and with the NCs of the other countries.

The NCs should in principle be able to:

Applications till 1st of March 2021

Please send your CV and a (short) “Letter of Motivation” for the position of the NC to (Rūta Girdzijauskienė) by 1th of March 2021The selection will be made by the EAS board. All applicants will be informed as soon as possible!

Upon appointment an agreement is signed for the period of two years (2021-2023) by the NC, the EAS and the respective institution or association (i.e. university, school, association).

Criteria for selection: 

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