EuDaMuS – the European Day of Music in School on March 15th 2022

In 2022 EAS starts a new initiative – the European Day of Music in School (EuDaMuS), which aims to enable children, teachers, parents, and friends across all Europe to celebrate music education. With a hope to develop this event into an inspiring annual tradition, we announce a theme “The Power of Music” for a first year celebration.

Find out about the first European Day of Music in Schools in 2022 on the EuDaMuS-2022 online-map!

EuDaMuS will be organized at the local, national and international levels to promote the personal, social and cultural value of music education. We invite everyone to join this celebration in various educational spaces and/or use music technology in the variety of ways you, your students, teachers, friends, and family enjoy most. You can participate by making music alone or together with peers and music professionals; listening to music live performances and/or music recordings; discussing the role of music in everyday life, society and culture; sharing music with family, friends, peers from other schools, cities, countries; meeting musicians, who inspire and fascinate; making music visible through drawings/installations/collages and of course, by recording, reflecting and sharing/writing about it all with the EAS community! 

EuDaMuS 2022 virtual event will be held on March 15th, 2022. All participants will be united by singing EuDaMuS song – a special commission for the celebration, which will be available for everyone. During the event, we will also open EuDaMuS virtual exhibition, which will contain inspiring artistic works on the theme of music education. To get involved, please contact the EAS National Coordinator or representative of the Music Teacher Association in your country (See The Board member and overall contact person for EuDaMuS 2022 is Rūta Girdzijauskienė We are looking forward to celebrating music and education together on the first EuDaMuS – European Day of Music in School!

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