Concerts and Interactive Music Making

Concert Night on Thursday: PLACE and DISPLAYS

Music is…what? …People invent all kinds of new modes of performance in these days of distance – challenge accepted! Our Thursday night opening concert features a multi-stage livestream with students and teachers of MH and PH Freiburg: performing in the streets and on the roofs, surprising you with futuristic digital tools and inviting you to interact with improvisers through our brand-new audience feedback tool. Join us and experience what people do to make Freiburg sound!

Music is What People Do In 2020: Inspired by social distance: Interaction through sound and music in online formats – presentation and expert talk. The session will feature and discuss three music projects that have creatively used the Corona conditions and transformed musical concerns into the digital space.For example: Since the beginning of the pandemic, the two siblings and music teachers Felix-Tillmann Groth and Geertje-Marie Groth have had viral success with their Tiktok channel @tillymary, on which they cover pop songs on typical school  instruments. They will report on how this came about and what role social media can play in music education practice.

Digital Concert Room: During the conference, further small musical contributions from our Call for Contributions can be watched. This can happen while having a coffee break or a slot of free time in between two sessions.

Jam: What would a music conference be without real time musical interaction? We transfer music making into the digital space and invite you to jam with us.

EAS Soundscape: Together we will make the EAS conference in Freiburg sound, from home or wherever you are. Therefore, we will collect smartphone videos created by the  participants and then compile them into an interactive soundscape that can be played online.