European Association for Music in Schools

EAS Previous Conferences

(IERC = ISME European Regional Conference)

2023 Lyon (F)
“Liberty – Equity – Creativity: Innovating and Inventing Music in the Classroom”

2022 Belgrade (RS)
“Music and Meaning”

2021 Freiburg im Breisgau (DE) – 8th IERC
“Music is what people do”

2020 Padova (IT) [Conference cancelled due to the COVID19 pandemic]
“Music for all”

2019 Malmö (SE) – 7th IERC
“The School I’d Like – Music Education meeting the needs of the children and young people today”

2018 Jelgava (LV)
“Competences in Music Education”

2017 Salzburg (AT) – 6th IERC
“Joint (Ad)venture Music – Networking as a Challenge for Music Teachers.”

2016 Vilnius (LT)
“Looking for the unexpected – Creativity and innovation in music education”

2015 Rostock (DE) – 5th IERC
“Open Ears – Open Minds. Listening and Understanding Music.”

2014 Nicosia (CY)
“Every Learner Counts. Democracy and Inclusion in Music Education in the 21st Century.”

2013 Leuven (BE) – 4th IERC
“The Reflective Music Teacher”

2012 The Hague (NL)
“Craftmanship & Artistry”

2011 Gdansk (PL) – 3rd IERC
“Music in Schools: Teaching and Learning Processes”

2010 Bolu (TR)
“Music and Music Education within the Context of Socio-Cultural Changes”

2009 Tallinn (EE) – 2nd IERC
“Music Inside and Outside the School”

2008 Bologna (IT) – in the frame of the ISME World Conference
“Music at all Ages”

2007 Pitea (SE) – 1st IERC
“Media and New Technology in Music Education”

2006 Würzburg (DE) – in the frame of the VdS Conference

2005 Prague (CZ)
“Everything Depends on a Good Start”

2004 Athens (GR)
“Music on the Acropolis. Music Education in a Traditional and in an Up-to-date Context”

2003 Vienna (AT)
“Weiterbildung – Lifelong Development”

2001 Riga (LV)
“Globalizacija un Identitate / Globalisation and Identity / Globalisierung und Identität”

2000 Budapest (HU)
“Ästhetische Bildung Heute / Aesthetic Education at the Turn of the Millennium”

1998 Stockholm (SE)
“Moving from Teaching to Learning – Music Education in a Changing World / Der Wandel von Lehren sum Lernen – Musikerziehung in einer sich verändernden Welt”

1997 Luzern (CH)
“Persönlichkeitsentfaltung durch Musikerziehung / Développment de la personne par la musique / Developing the Personality through Music Education”

1996 Presov (SK)
“Musikerziehung – Brücke zur europäischen Integration? / Music Education – a Bridge to the European Integration?”

1995 Passau (DE) – in the frame of a Music Education Research Conference

1995 Cambridge (UK)

1994 Leuven (BE)
“The European Dimension in Teacher Training for Music in Schools”

1994 Bratislava (SK) – in the frame of the conference of the EMC

1992 Innsbruck (AT) – in the frame of the 10th Folk Music Competition
“Der authentische Volksgesang in den Alpen / The Authentic Folk Singing in the Alps”

1992 Augsburg (DE) – in the frame of the VdS Conference

1991 Vienna (AT) – in the frame of the ÄGMO Conference
“Die Verantwortung der Musikpädagogik für die Europäische Musikkultur / The Responsibility of Music Education for the European Music Culture”

1990 Lübeck (DE) – in the frame of the VdS Conference
“In Grenzen – über Grenzen hinaus / Within borders – Beyond Borders”

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