National Coordinators: Herbert Meyer & Jeroen Vanesser

Music in Schools

In Belgium  there are many opportunities for children to take part in aesthetic art forms. Both in school and in community art schools.

In Flemish educational practice, music is not a separate subject in primary school, however, there is a subject called ‘muzische vorming’, which is an integrated package that local teachers may fill in on their own.

In Flemish secondary education , pupils have one hour of music according to the national curriculum for some years. In addition to this compulsory education, there is a wide range part-time art education.

Subsidized art education after school hours for the domains of music, word, dance and image. A training programme consists of a 9-year program that is open to children (from the age of six) and adults.

Students  learn how to play any instrument, ensemble choir, etc.

Music Teacher Training

In Belgium  Music Teacher Training is offered in Diepenbeek, Leuven, Gent, Antwerpen, Brussel, Liege and Namur. We have two types :

  1. Professional bachelor music education. Teacher Training BaSO

A three-year bachelor’s degree teacher of arts education for compulsory education combined with a second education subject (such as English, French, economics, mathematics, physics …)

     2. Academic Bachelor/Master music education .

The content of this Academic Bachelor program  (180 SP) is captured in a set of competences and a body of knowledge that is obligatory for all the national conservatories. The following master for this bachelor program is a Master of Music Education  (120 SP) which is an interdisciplinary program for bachelor students of Music. The final examen is at master level.

There are a lot of changes in this model coming soon.