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STUMPFÖGGERMargret STUMPFÖGGER is a versatile musician, who has practised as a musicienne intervenante in French primary schools for many years, carrying out creative music projects with children in collaboration with primary school teachers. She has created several music theatre shows for children and their families and also worked in child care centres. In French music academies, she has lead children’s and youth choirs. She has been responsible of a private music school and a public conservatory as headmistress. She is nowadays teaching adults in the Training centre for musicians in schools (Centre de Formation de Musiciens Intervenant à l’école – CFMI) of the Lyon University in France, especially in the fields of improvisation, performing and composing (contemporary) music with children. She has also been in charge of specialised education for music in early childhood and for persons with special needs. She holds a master’s degree in the field of research in educational science and is an active or board member of several associations in France and Europe linked to music education and creativity, such as Momeludies and the French Council of CFMI. Her research, compositions and writings are linked to her professional practice and experience. Scientific interests: teacher’s and music education, children’s musical creativity, collective reflective and creative processes.

Institute: Centre de Formation de Musiciens Intervenant à l’école – Université Lumière Lyon 2

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