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Eliona Lici is a holder of diploma in Performance Canto from Academy of Arts in Albania and she is phd candidate with theme History of music education in Albanian in XX century. She also teach music theory and concepts, music education for educators Etnomusikology, and offer lessons in Vocal pedagogy. During the course of her career, she has had the opportunity to be associated with multiple orchestras in various permanent and freelancing roles. Working as a Sub, Regular or at singer, music teacher and lecturer of  vocal anasamble at university, I have honed my performance, technical and conducting skills and gained competency in combining my musical skills with peers. She work well with students fellow educators parents and school boards. She is interested for the  european integration  across music education . She also completed the specialized 3 months studies in Music education for childrens with special needs in Thessaloniki.  She is the external lecturer at the Department of education for Music in special education at the Faculty of Education.  She also teaches music education for educators in faculty of education, teaches at music high school in Vlora and music education in general schools.  Her main fields of interest are music education, musical performance,and musicology, music therapy. Her experiences she presents at the conferences in the country Cyprus, Greece, Skopie, Kosovo.


Institute:  Teacher of music, Music High School, Vlora Albania