Music Teacher Training

Until the publication of the Law 310/83 (Portugal, 1983), all music professionals were trained in Conservatories and Music Academies, receiving a final diploma (considered of a higher level) in instrument, song or composition, which did not include any pedagogical or didactic studies. With the publication of the Basic Law of the Educational System, Law 46/86 (Portugal, 1986), Music Education for All has undergone significant changes, particularly with the creation of training courses for teachers of Music Education in High Schools of Education of the Institutes Polytechnics. (Mota, 2014). In the last decades of the XX, we witnessed the advent of in-depth discussions that contributed to clarify the perspectives on what is meant by contemporary Music Education and its implications for teacher training.

At present, there are several Portuguese institutions that offer training in Teaching Music Education / Specialized Music Teaching (master degree): Polytechnic Institute of Bragança; Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra; Polytechnic Institute of Porto; Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon; Jean Piaget Institute (Almada / Arcozelo); University of Aveiro; University of Minho; University of Évora; New University of Lisbon.