Nataliia Sobol is a PhD and Senior Lecturer at Department of Instrumental and Performance Skills, Institute of Arts, Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University, Kyiv, Ukraine. Nataliia has the eight-year pedagogical experience in the fields of leisure-time education and higher musical education. For six years (2010-2016) she has been working at the children choir “Sonyashnyk” at Centre of the leisure-time activities for children and youth “Dyvotsvit” (Kyiv, Ukraine) as a piano-player and assistant of choirmaster. Since 2013 till 2016, as a Teaching Assistant at Dept. of Theory and Methodology of Music Art, Nataliia has organized the teaching practices for students of the 2nd – 5th grades at the public schools in Kyiv and Kyiv region, Ukraine. In December 2016 she defended the PhD thesis and now she is working at Dept. of Instrumental and Performance Skills and teaches the piano future music teachers. In addition, Nataliia is practicing the private piano lessons for children and adults (from 4 years old and older), she is volunteering the different educational, cultural and social projects in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Nataliia is a participant of deferent conferences, workshops, International courses and sessions: Workshop “The principles of inclusive education in Germany”, Higher Pedagogical School in Heidelberg, Germany (06-12.11.2012), International Summer Course “Elemental music and dance education for all”, Carl Orff Institute in Salzburg, Austria (07-12.07.2013), EAS Doctoral Student Forum in Vilnius, Lithuania (15-17.03.2016), Uppsala International Summer Session in Uppsala, Sweden (03-27.07.2018). Nataliia Sobol is an author of articles in the fields of music methodology and pedagogy. Her scientific and professional interests cover the field of piano trainings methodology; lifelong education; she is studying the essence of artistic tolerance of personality; she is curious about creative music pedagogy for children, teenagers and adults.



Institute: Institute of Arts, Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University

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