DigiTiME – Digital Tools in Music Education


  • To share understandings about, and practice, in the use of music technology to support musical learning, both in schools and in music teacher education.
  • To identify obstacles that prevent or delay the development of ‘music and technology’ as a tool for learning in schools, and to suggest ideas as to how these obstacles can be eliminated or bypassed.
  • To support young student teachers/ researchers in developing their work with and/or research on ICT in music education.


1) Sharing of current practice that we feel works well in our own cultural context, both in school music and in teacher education.

2) Sharing of research into ICT and music learning and teaching, both in school music and in teacher education.

3) Generating new ideas for further research in this field, including ideas for gaining funding.

4) Potential future joint research projects related to classroom music and technology / music teacher education and technology.



  • Marina Gall (UK) Co-ordinator
  • Manfred Scheid (SE) Co-ordinator
  • Wilfried Aigner (AT)
  • Paul Fletcher (UK)
  • Annette Hamelink (NL)
  • Yvonne Higgins (IRL)
  • David Holland (UK)
  • Anna Houmann (SE)
  • Phil Kirkman (UK)
  • Tommy Lindskog (SE)
  • Paul Luijkx (NL)
  • Valanto Konstantinou (CY)
  • Irena Nelsone (LV)
  • Jack Richardson (UK)
  • Sandra Rimkutė-Jankuvienė (LT)
  • Pascal Rudolph (DE)
  • Gabriele Schellberg (DE)
  • Ilze Vilde (LV)
  • Stuart Wise (NZ)