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EAS Regional Events

The EAS wants to support events connected to ‘Music in Schools’ in different European regions, which aim to reach out to a broader European community of music educators. Therefore, EAS opens a “Regional Events” call every year (in Autumn) to select the Regional events around Europe to give possible support to the selected events for the following year.

Please note that EAS membership is not obligatory for the participants of the EAS Regional Events and online events can be considered as well.

 In relation to the selected regional events, the EAS offers:

  • the official status of the „EAS Regional Event
  • support in programming
  • international recognition of the event and hosting institution
  • announcements & advertising on the EAS website & EAS social media
  • financial support (max. 625 € per event; in total up to two events per year can be funded)
  • evaluation support.

If you are planning to organize an event and wish to get EAS’s support for your event, firstly please check the following pre-conditions to see if you are eligible to apply for support for your event:


  1. The event should be organized by a legal institution or association.
  2. The event should last a minimum of 2 days and should take place in the following year of the call announcement (For instance: if the call of announcement is in 2023, we expect event applications which will take place in 2024).
  3. One of the event languages should be English, so there is at least one whole strand which is accessible to music educators from all over Europe. (There can be more strands in other languages.)
  4. The target group of the event could be: music teachers, music teacher trainers, students, schools, researchers, and policymakers.
  5. The EAS National Coordinator (NC) of the country should be informed about the event before applying.
  6. The event should be of high-quality content related to the main focus of EAS: ‘Music in Schools’ and to the EAS Mission Statement.

Please check the evaluation criteria (see below) before applying and ensure that your application meets all requirements.

How to Apply

If you are interested in hosting an “EAS Regional Event” we expect all applicants to fill out the application form and submit a written proposal including a draft financial plan (usage of the 625 € financial support). Overall, the criteria for submissions will include: the quality of the event’s concept (aims, objectives, innovative topic and strategic relevance, planning, target group, draft schedule), perspectives for network development (connection to EAS Network, geographical spread, accessibility), and the quality as well as transparency of the financial plan (for more details please see the evaluation criteria).

Applications will be evaluated by the EAS Board according to the following evaluation criteria and selected events will be announced before the start of the new year.

Evaluation Criteria for Regional Events Applications*

1)       Quality of the concept 

          The following requirements are clearly stated:

  • Aims and objectives
  • Includes innovative topic and explicitly relates to EAS Mission Statement.
  • Planning timeline and process
  • A draft schedule for the event (possible presenters, etc.)
  • Role and responsibilities of the host institution
  • Participants-target group

2)       Perspective for network development

  • consists of connection to the EAS network
  • geographical spread of applications is taken into account
  • accessible to music educators

3)       Quality of the financial plan and transparency 

  • Financial overview is clearly stated.
  • Financial overview is transparent and costs are appropriate for all aspects of the event.
* In the evaluation process, the geographical spread of the events will be considered; if there are more than two applications, there cannot be two events from the same country in the same year. The EAS Board will make a decision and will inform the applicants at the start of 2024.

For any questions about EAS Regional Events, please contact Sezen Özeke (

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