Members in the News

EAS Members in the News is designed to offer members a chance to showcase recent features in the media and give other EAS members an opportunity to get to know them. If you are an EAS member and have had a letter to the editor of op-ed published, or you were quoted as an expert in a story for a regional, national, or international news outlet, please email communications@eas.xx with a link to the story.

To be eligible for submission, member media placements must meet the following requirements:

  • Items must directly apply or refer to the EAS member or work the member has done.
  • The topic must be relevant to scholarly interest of EAS members.
  • The item must be published by a legitimate news organisation. Not acceptable: Social media links, self-published articles, websites that appear spammy.
  • Submissions must include a web link to the published or broadcasted item.
  • Items must not contain links that encourage sales or are overly promotional.
  • Items must be current, meaning they must have been published within three months of the date submitted.

Submissions will be reviewed for relevance and timeliness. EAS will update the “Members in the News” page monthly.