European Association for Music in Schools

Legal Membership Types

Due to legal ramifications for non-profit associations like EAS, there are two types of legal membership: Acceded and Regular Members.

When you apply for the individual or institutional membership you automatically become an Acceded Member. This means that you can attend the annual conference and participate in discussions at the annual General Assembly (GA).

A Regular Member has the same rights as an Acceded Member, but is also expected to cast a vote in discussions during the GA, which requires a regular attendance record. Individual members and students have 1 vote per person. An institutional membership has 1 vote per institution, cast by the representative. Additionally, a Regular Member may propose new Honorary Members to the board. Some roles within the association automatically include a Regular Membership: board members, national coordinators, student fora leaders, SFG coordinators, editorial board members and honorary members.

Find the legal terms in our regulations and more detailed information in our bylaws.

Becoming a Regular Member

Acceded Members can apply to become a Regular Member. There are a few conditions to consider:

You can apply to become a Regular Member by writing an email to the EAS board (please use the contact form). Please include how long you have been a member in EAS and how you plan to contribute to the network.

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