Music Teacher Training (ME)

Teacher training is conducted at the Academy of Music at the University of Montenegro in Cetinje, for future teachers in primary schools and grammar schools, as well as for future teachers of musical instruments and musical and music theory related subjects in primary and secondary schools. In Montenegro the Bologna System of Higher Education is being implemented. Undergraduate studies last three years and carry 180 ECTS credits, after which there are two-year-long Master studies with 120 ECTS credits. In order to be eligible to work in schools, according to the new accreditation of the University of Montenegro, teachers must achieve 300 ECTS credits in total, that is, they must complete their Master studies.

Subjects related to music pedagogy: methodology in different areas, from general music education to the methodology of teaching of theoretical subjects and the methodology of teaching musical instruments, are intensified on the Master’s level. Students, apart from the theoretical part, also have practical classes as part of which they visit schools and have the opportunity to teach. After the undergraduate studies students acquire the competences of fundamental understanding of different areas of the art of music and the science of music. At primary schools and grammar schools teach those students who complete the module in music pedagogy.

After the Academy of Music, there is one year of practical training, after which the candidates take the Professional Exam, which gives them the right to gain employment in schools. The seminars of the professional training are part of the lifelong learning and are organized by the Ministry of Education of Montenegro, the Institute of Education, or the schools themselves.

At the Faculty of Philosophy of Montenegro in Nikšić, students can enrol in the programme in preschool education, as well as in the teacher training programme in the Department of Pedagogy. Future teachers acquire knowledge as part of the curse in Methodology of Teaching of Musical Culture. After their studies they work in the institutions for preschool education as well as in primary schools, teaching music to students up to the fifth grade. At the University of Montenegro, Doctoral studies in music pedagogy are not offered. Those who wish to finish this level of studies need to continue their studies abroad.