Report of the EAS Student Forum 2022 in Belgrade (SB)

Wolter Hoeksema (participant of the Student Forum 2022 from the Netherlands) wrote a travel report of the 2022 Student Forum in Belgrade (Serbia) and allowed us to publish it here on our website:

In a nutshell

Every year the EAS (European Association for music in Schools) organizes an international conference. Music teachers from all over Europe and beyond come there to gain knowledge, exchange, and present. In three days, all kinds of research presentations, keynote presentations, and workshops are given on a theme.


Before this three-day conference, the annual Student Forum will take place. A few days prior to the conference, students from their last year of the Music Education (or equivalent) Bachelor come together to share their experiences and musical culture with each other. This year we were 22 students from 13 different countries. So one more time concrete: 3 days Student Forum, then 3 days Conference. In the days of the student forum, we worked towards a presentation during the big conference. There, a 90-minute block was reserved for the presentation of the Student Forum.

Read the full report of Wolter here: Travel Report Belgrade EAS Student Forum