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Irena Mednanska


Institute: Institute for Music and Art

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Prof. Mgr. Art. Irena Mednanska, PhD Graduated her master studies in Theory and Music History (1987 – 1992) at the University of Martin Luther in Halle/Salle. She completed her habilitation at the Music and Dance Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava and in 2011, and she was inaugurated for the academic title Professor at the University of Ostrava in Ostrava in the field of Music Theory and Pedagogy.

Prof. Mgr. Art. Irena Mednanska, PhD. has worked at all levels of music educational system: elementary music school, where she was in charge of Music School in Bleicherod / Musikschule in Bleicherod in Thuringen, as well as at the School of Music in Zilina, at the Faculty of humanities, worked as a music chair in Nitra, Zilina and until now she works at the University of Presov in Presov. As a visiting professor, she worked for 12 years at the University of Rzeszow in Poland.

Her scientific research and publications are aimed at music education as the scientific discipline, at comparative music education, music aesthetics, music sociology, as well as at playing the accordion.

She participated as the solver of numerous projects of VEGA and KEGA, projects of music fund, Visehrad Fund of Development as well as educational projects of European Union: Sokrates / Grundtvig 1.1, Grundtvig 2, Leonardo da Vinci, Comenius C3. She also participated in numerous study stays in German speaking countries and has given 140 lectures at the congresses of EAS, universities and music schools in 18 European countries. The majority of her lectures were presented in Poland.

She has been a supervisor of 16 doctoral students (PhD), who participated in various music and educational research. She is also the president of the Commission for attestation tests in continuing education of music teachers from the elementary school and music school. She is a member of editorial boards of music and educational journals in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland, the Chief Editor of series Theoria Opera Artis at the Philosophical Faculty of Prešov University, in the field of Art works.