European Association for Music in Schools

Special Focus Groups

At this moment, in the EAS, there are the following SFGs:

If you want to join an existing SFG or start a new SFG please contact the EAS Board Member responsible for SFGs, Dr. Sezen Özeke:

How to Start a SFG

Steps Time plan
1. If there is a group of members who are interested in a special topic within school music education, you can use the open session at the annual EAS conferences to meet / exchange initial First open meeting / Brainstorming possibly at an EAS conference
2. Establish a first group of colleagues who are interested in further exchange on a special focus Exchange in between conferences
3. Formulate a first paper which includes:
Focus, aims, EAS members who will be involved
4. Make contact with the EAS Board Member responsible for SFGs
5. EAS Board Member who is responsible for SFGs gives feedback in relation to the broad picture of SFGs, the EAS mission, and current other EAS projects
6. Final proposal is sent to the EAS-SFG Board Member who discusses this with the EAS Board
7. EAS board decision
8. Start the SFG
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