Student Forum (SF)

15th International Student Forum 2017 in Salzburg (Austria)


The Student Forum Group 2016


“It was great to get started at once and just have fun in some warm-up activities.”

“I particularly enjoyed learning songs and activities from different countries and get a sense of their culture.”

“There’s respect and cooperation between every member of all groups. That creates a perfect atmosphere to improvise, share, learn and create.”

“These 4 days was very intensive, but also, very productive.”

“I would like to share almost everything about student forum in my institution. Here I saw only positive and good of course and useful activities.”

(Student Forum Diaries, Vilnius, 2016)


The Student Forum International Supper


We are very pleased to announce the 15th International EAS Student Forum in 2017, which is to take place on April 18th–21st 2017 prior to the 25th EAS Conference in Salzburg/Austria (April 19th–22nd 2017).

The Student Forum offers student teachers opportunities to share and exchange their experiences and views of music teacher training, and to explore and discuss issues which impact upon the future of music education in schools and beyond. The key questions will be very closely connected to the focus of the main conference.


Teaching songs from students’ own countries


The theme of the Student Forum is the same as that of the conference:


We want to focus on team teaching or interdisciplinary aspects and collaboration with other school subjects.


There will be three elements to the programme:

  1. Practical and creative music making through sharing examples of musical activities and repertoire from students’ own context, and creating new music together.
  2. Discussion focused on the Student Forum theme and students’ sharing their different experiences, and perspectives on learning to become a teacher in their own country.
  3. Participation in selected conference activities, and group work.

Students will gain insight into each other’s ideas, approaches in music education and the school contexts of the different countries in which they live. The hope is that they will discover common ground in their knowledge and understanding, and a deeper awareness of their own context. We also hope that they will come away with new friends and an awareness that they are part of the EAS network.


Group work


There are 26 places available (for 6 students from the host country, Austria, and for 20 participants from other EU countries). Participants are provided with 3 nights accommodation free (Tuesday–Thursday nights inclusive). They pay for meals and drinks themselves and it is expected that travel costs are covered by the applicant’s institution.

Applications will be coordinated by EAS National Coordinators. The deadline for application is December 15th, 2016. Notice of acceptance will be send out shortly after this. Priority will be given to the nominees from the countries/institutions which were not represented at previous Forums.

If you are interested in participating, please contact your National Coordinator (see the EAS website / About EAS / Member Groups / National Coordinators for further details).

And do consider staying on for the whole conference! It is sometimes possible to help finding cheap accommodation for the extra nights (see conference area of website).


Workshop (at the main EAS conference) led by the Student Forum


EAS Student Forum Team 2017:

Dr Branka Rotar Pance (University of Ljubljana, Academy of Music, SI)

Professor Oliver Krämer (Rostock University of Music and Drama, DE)

Dr Marina Gall (University of Bristol, Graduate School of Education, UK)

Lisa Grüneis (Student Delegate, Mozarteum, Salzburg, AT)

Jonė Girdzijauskaitė (Student Delegate, Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre)


Reports of previous student fora