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Student Forum (SF)

We are very pleased to announce the 19th International EAS Student Forum, which will take place on May 16–19, 2022 prior to the 29th EAS Conference in Belgrade, Serbia (conference date: May 18–21, 2022).

The Student Forum (SF) has become an established part of the annual EAS conference and is proving to be a very successful activity – both for the students and also for the conference as a whole. As in recent years, it will be again closely connected with the congress activities: including an EAS student forum presentation at the EAS conference.

The EAS SF programme will include workshops, discussions, presentations and musical activities. The Student Forum starts at 05.00 p.m. on Monday afternoon, May 16th, and ends at 1.30 p.m. on Thursday, May 19th, 2022. However, SF participants can take part for the rest of the conference free of charge.

The aim of the Forum is to give student teachers the opportunity to share and exchange their experience and views of music teaching and to discuss issues, which impact upon music education in schools. The key questions will be very closely connected to central aspects of the main conference.

The theme of the Student Forum is in line with the main conference theme:

“Music & Meaning”

There will be three elements to the programme:

Students will gain insight into each other’s ideas, approaches in music education and the school contexts of the different countries. The hope is that they will not only discover common ground, but also explore new perspectives, and thus develop a deeper awareness of their own context. We are sure, that they will also come away with new friends, and a place within the EAS network.

Selection criteria:

The participating students should …

Contact Person of the EAS board: Andreas Bernhofer, PhD:

EAS Student Forum Team 2022:

Lena Widdermann (University of Music Freiburg im Breisgau, student delegate, Germany)

Sara Savovic (Faculty of music, Belgrade, student delegate, Serbia)

Prof. Dr. Branka Rotar Pance (University of Ljubljana, Academy of Music, Slovenia)


Prof. Dr. Oliver Krämer (Rostock University of Music and Drama, Germany),


The Student Forum International Supper

Reports of previous student fora

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