Doctoral Student Forum 2023 (DSF)

We are pleased to announce that the annual Doctoral Student Forum for Music Education will be held in Lyon, France. The forum takes place from Tuesday, May 23th (10.00) until Thursday, May 25th 2023. It begins on the day prior to the main conference to have sufficient room for exchange and discussions. Participants will also be included in the main conference program as the poster representing the dissertational project will be presented to the international audience on Thursday.

All participating students will contribute a poster to be exhibited on the first day of the DSF to facilitate discussion. These will be designed to present plans, initial findings or frameworks. An e-book of abstracts will be distributed to all participants in advance of the Forum.  In order to attend the DSF you have to register for the EAS conference.

Mentoring DSF students

We will try to set up a mentoring system. Experienced researchers will be informed about projects in their field of expertise. They will be asked to attend the poster presentation and to comment the doctoral students’ projects and will give advice during the conference and possibly further on.

Aims of the Forum

  • to experience a rich and supportive environment for mutual discourse
  • to give doctoral students, at any stage of their study, an opportunity to present, share, and discuss their work in a supportive environment with both fellow doctoral students and the experienced advisors to the forum
  • to give students opportunities to discuss methodological and theoretical issues related to research in music education
  • for students in the early stages of their studies to gain feedback on their ideas and plans
  • to enable students to join the EAS network which can provide valuable sources of support, knowledge and professional contacts


Applicants have to send an exposé (300 words) that describes the research project. The exposé should indicate a) the research question b) previous research done in this field c) a theoretical framework and d) an outline of the methodic steps to be taken. Some remarks on the expected outcome will be welcome.

To apply, please fill out the following form no later than midnight of January 30th, 2023:

For any further questions don’t hesitate to contact Andreas Lehmann-Wermser ( Notification about acceptance will be sent to you no later than February 15st, 2023.

Criteria for selection:

  • abstract is concise in content
  • abstract is fullfilling the requirements a) through d) from above.
  • abstract is written in correct English
  • geographical spread of the group

Programme coordinators

The Forum sessions will include peer-led discussion and workshops given by Prof. Dr. Andreas-Lehmann-Wermser and Dr. Eva-Maria Tralle.

Dr. Andreas Lehmann-Wermser is Director of the Institute for Music Education Research at the Hannover University of Music Drama and Media in Germany. He has conducted numerous empirical studies both in classroom research and on social justice in music education. He has published and lectured in many countries and is co-editor of the online journal bulletin of empirical music education research (




Dr. Eva-Maria Tralle is Research Assistant at the Institute for Music Education Research at the Hannover University of Music Drama and Media in Germany. She recently completed her PhD after taking part in the DSF in 2018 and 2019. Her focus in research is on cultural diversity and intersectionality.




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