Special Focus Groups

  • EAS Special Focus Groups (SFGs) are working groups of EAS members with defined aims which have been agreed with the EAS board.
  • SFGs provide a forum within EAS for the involvement of individuals drawn together by a common interest in a field of study, teaching or research.
  • EAS provides SFGs programme time at the annual conference, publicity, scheduling, viability and the prestige of EAS affiliation.
  • SFGs meet at the EAS conferences and organise a common working space (e.g. shared symposia, publications, webspace, mailing-lists, exchange of working materials).

At this moment, in the EAS, there are the following SFGs:

If you want to join an existing SFG or start a new SFG please contact the SFG coordinator, Dr Marina Gall: Marina.Gall@bristol.ac.uk.


How to Start a SFG

Steps Time plan
1. If there is a group of members who are interested in a special topic within school music education, you can use the open session at the annual EAS conferences to meet / exchange initial First open meeting / Brainstorming possibly at an EAS conference
2. Establish a first group of colleagues who are interested in further exchange on a special focus Exchange in between conferences
3. Formulate a first paper which includes:

Focus, aims, EAS members who will be involved

4. Make contact with the SFG-Coordinator
5. SFG-Coordinator gives feedback in relation to the broad picture of SFGs, the EAS mission, and current other EAS projects
6. Final proposal is sent to the SFG-Coordinator who discusses thius with the EAS Board
7. EAS board decision
8. Start the SFG