2022 Belgrade (RS) as Hybrid Conference Event

29th EAS Conference
hosted by the Faculty of Music University of Arts, Belgrade, Serbia

May 18-21, 2022

Conference theme: “Music & Meaning”

Conference venues:
Kolorac’s People’s University Building & Faculty of Music, Belgrade (Serbia) and ONLINE

Due to the Covid-19 situation and travel restrictions in some of the European countries, EAS is preparing the Belgrade Conference as a hybrid conference event. Delegates are asked to choose from either live or online participation by March 1st.

However, EAS warmly invites you to come to Belgrade in person as we are convinced that real networking needs live meetings! Here are the two options in more detail:

  • If you choose the active participation, you will of course be able to enjoy all the conference events, such as: school visits to Belgrade schools, all presentations including workshops (active and passive), concerts, international networking in presence, live poster presentations, face-to-face discussions during breaks, book presentations, publishers’ offers, our famous Conference Dinner, and more.
  • In case of an online participation, you will be able to follow a large number of the conference events. You will be able to participate in: all paper presentations (actively as well as passively) and post-paper discussions, and important social events (the opening and closing ceremonies, the concert on Thursday evening). EAS will also offer a social space such as a wonder-room for online participants and poster presentations of online participants.

As the conference host needs to plan, on February 18th, all EAS members will receive an e-mail asking for their choice (online or live participation). A response is required by March 1st. The same conference fee will apply to both versions – online or active participation.

Register now at the Conference platform: ConfTool EAS 2022

Keynote speakers
EAS Student Forum (SF) 2022
Doctoral Student Forum (DFS) 2022
Call for Papers (closed)

E-mail: eas2022@eas-music.org