The EAS is committed to capacity building for and nurturing of future music educators and music education researchers.

The EAS is home to many student members, including undergraduate students, graduate students, PhD students and teachers who have just begun working in schools. 

The EAS offers a rich array of networking possibilities. Students interested in exploring opportunities in professional development, mentoring and networking are strongly encouraged to look at the website areas for the Student Forum (SF)Doctoral Student Forum (DSF) and Special Focus Groups (SFGs).

Join the EAS! Keep up to date on happenings and conversations with students around Europe! We are currently exploring new EAS possibilities for young EAS members. Do let us know if you have any further ideas of ventures!  

For Student Forum Matters and Doctoral Student Forum Matters contact Andreas Bernhofer:

To join a Special Focus Group go to the specific Special Focus Group web area and fill on the form at the bottom of the page.