Special Focus Group
Singing in Music Education

Singing has traditionally held a central place in classroom music education in European countries. SiME aims to provide an opportunity for dialogue and Europe-wide exchange about different practices and research. SiME offers a platform for this dialogue in form of a network of practitioners and researchers to develop, support and disseminate singing projects and research on the subject of singing in schools. A long term aim is to link relevant research to policy concerns in order to promote and maintain healthy and vibrant singing cultures in European schools.

SiME currently brings together over 100 EAS-affiliated researchers and practitioners.

Vocal education research

This is a hub for current research projects of SiME group members. Please contact SiME at if you have current research projects, proposals, or publications you wish to share on this site!

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Vocal practice with children

This is a space to share projects and best practice in singing with children and adolescents in a school context. If you would like your project to be featured below, please contact us:

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SiME coordinator: Helmut Schaumberger (AT)

SiME Steering Committee: Sanna Salminen (FIN), Motje Wolf (UK), Johann van der Sandt (IT), Helmut Schaumberger (AT)

SiME Steering Committee 2019


If you want to join SiME or make contact with the coordinator, please use the contact form of the EAS website (specify “SiME” in your request):