Report of the EAS Doctoral Student Forum 2023 in Lyon (F)

The Doctoral Student Forum 2023 was hosted by Prof. Andreas Lehmann-Wermser and Dr. Eva-Maria Tralle. For me exchanging and discussing thoughts and questions about my PhD project together with the hosts as well as the other doctoral students in a welcoming environment, was really helpful. The DSF is on the one hand a great opportunity to get constructive feedback regarding your own project and on the other hand to gain insights of other PhD-projects. In general, the atmosphere was very positive and the programme coordinators supported and encouraged all participants throughout the whole DSF. Besides exchanging thoughts about the projects, we had plenty of opportunities to network, for instance during lunch breaks or jointly dinners. Above that I enjoyed everybody’s poster presentations at the conference itself and to discuss my own project with the conference audience. 

Rena Janßen