European Day of Music in School

MARCH 15th 2022

The EAS has initiated the European Day of Music in School (EudaMuS) to enable children, teachers, parents and friends to celebrate music education. The theme for the first year of this event is “The Power of Music”.

The day will include an:

EuDaMuS song which will be available for everyone;

EuDaMuS virtual exhibition (Countries will be invited to send up to 10 drawings / paintings on the theme of EuDaMuS 2022);

EuDaMuS 2022 virtual event on March 15th 2022. This will include a collage of EuDaMuS 2022 which will be created from photos sent in by participants.

To learn more / get involved contact the EAS National Coordinator or representative of the Music Teacher Association in your country (See

The Board member and overall contact person for EuDaMuS 2022 is Rūta Girdzijauskienė

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