National Coordinator: Kastriot Sada

If you have any questions about music in schools or music teacher education in this country, feel free to contact the national coordinator!

Music Education in Schools

Music education as a subject at all primary level and lower middle (1st -9th  grade) is realized in three main activities/musical activities that are: 1. Performing (Singing and Playing Instrument music) 2. Listening to music and 3. Creating.

At the secondary level (i.e. gymnasiums), art lessons focus mainly  in chronological teaching of art history in different periods and in different social contexts, leaving room also for direct artistic activities, though in smaller mass.

The field of Arts in the New Curriculum does not consist only of Musical Art and Figurative Art as usual, but drama and dance are also included, though initially proposed as an elective courses.

The second difference is that an integrative approach is attempted, at least in terms of themes and dimensions of learning outcomes, respecting the uniqueness of various artistic expressive means available to the different arts.

Six dimensions of learning outcomes:

  1. Interpretation, Creation, Performance. 2. Processes, techniques, tools expression. 3. Artistic communication and artistic expression. 4. Understanding interaction Art-Society-Art. 5. Assessment and continued evaluation. 6. Identity (s) and Culture.


In Kosovo, in addition to the artistic education offered to all students regardless of general schooling

, other alternative forms also exist where children individually can develop their artistic talent. This is accomplished through various courses, private art schools, cultural projects, cultural centers for children in different cities of Kosovo.

There are eight music schools(public Schools, 7 of them are upper middle level: 10th -12th ), some private, in which students learn to play any of the classical musical instruments.

Music Teacher Training and performing arts

These are the music universities in Kosovo:

1.University “Hasan Prishtina”, Department of Musical Arts (Public University):

https://arte.uni-pr.edu/Departamentet/Departamenti02.aspx (additional information)

Study programs in the Department of Musical Arts

  1. String instruments. 2. Wind instruments. 3. Solo singing. 4. Piano. *5. General music pedagogy. 6. Composition. 7. Conducting

*General Music Pedagogy

This program is dedicated to the theoretical and practical preparation of music teachers who will teach Music Education subject in primary and secondary education.

The program offers students professional musical, pedagogical and methodological preparation to successfully realize various forms of music teaching.

  1. University “Haxhi Zeka” Pejë, Faculty of Arts (Public University).

 http://unhz.eu/?arsim_course=faculty-of-arts&lang=en (additional information)

Study programs: Artistic Education in Interpretation (Study program Artistic Education in Interpretation Bachelor 2019-2022).

Modules (wind, string, solo singing, and piano / guitar)

Music Education Master (Study program Music Education Master 2019-2022).

Music Education (Study program of Music Education 2016-2019).

General Music Education (Study program of General Music Education 2016-2019).

 Artistic Education in Wind Instrument (Study program of Artistic Education in Wind Instruments).

  1. AAB College, The Faculty of Arts (Private Institution).

Study program: Musicology

https://aab-edu.net/en/faculties/arts/study-programs/  (additional information)

The aim of this program is interaction with other theoretical and practical disciplines of music and other above-mentioned fields to function as follows:

– In the First Cycle of studies to prepare high specialists for general musicological research.

– In the Second Cycle of studies, to prepare close specialists for fundamental research and studies in the above-mentioned fields, to form habits and opportunities for independent scientific research.

  1. UBT College (Private Institution).

Study program: Modern Music, Digital Production and Management

http://study.ubt-uni.net/mmdpm/  (additional information)

The Bachelor Study of the Faculty of Modern Music, Digital Production and Management is the first program of its kind in Kosovo. This program is designed to meet the needs of professional staff in industry and various cultural institutions, such as: radio, television, online platforms, film, theater, festivals, etc. As such, this program is branched into five specializations from which potential students of this faculty will have the opportunity to choose individually to build according to need and preference, their professional profile.