National Coordinator: Milena Petrovic

Music in Schools

In Serbia, music classes exist in the elementary education, at the high school as well as in the gymnasium. In the elementary school, music classes are compulsory from the first until the last eight grade. From the first to the fifth grade there are two music classes per week. During the 6th , 7th  and 8th grade, there is only one class of music per week. Music class is named the Music culture. One music class lasts for 45 minutes. Read more…

Music Teacher Training

General teachers who teach music during the first four grades at the elementary school do not have special music education, but the basic one that gain at the Faculty of Pedagogy. Special music teachers educate themselves at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade at the Department for Solfegio and Music education. There, they finish the master and doctoral studies from the music education. Read more…

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