Music Teacher Training

Higher music education in Ukraine is presented by two different cohorts of colleges, universities and academies – performance-oriented and pedagogical-oriented. The first group of educational institutions provide the programmes for students who would like to be musicians (with opportunity to teach the special music subjects in music schools and schools of arts). The second group of institutions prepare the music teachers who will work in kindergardens, primary and secondary schools, gymnasiums etc.

Musical Colleges

After graduating the music schools, schools of arts or special music schools, the most talented and motivated pupils can go to the music colleges, which are the first level of higher music education system. In Ukraine, we have about 20 music colleges in different regions around the country.

The term of study there is four years and students could choose their major qualification and department where they would like to continue their music education. It may be musicology, piano, the string or wind orchestra instruments, folk instruments, choral conducting or solo singing. In addition, all students are studying compulsory the music theory, harmony, polyphony, instrumentations, musical folklore, choral or orchestra conducting, vocal and others important subjects.

In music colleges students are studying the pedagogy and methodology of teaching the musical instruments/vocal trainings. According to the curriculum, they have an opportunity to participate the studios of practice. It is the special educational environment, where students could get their first experience as teachers while working with children. After graduation from the music colleges, students are receiving the diplomas of musicians, soloists, and the musical instruments/vocal trainings teachers.

Musical Academies and Conservatoires, Pedagogical Universities with BA and MA programs in Music Education

The second level of higher professional music education in Ukraine is represented by Musical Academies or Conservatoires located in Kyiv, Dnipro, Odessa, Lviv, Kharkiv and Donetsk (now occupied). They prepare musicians and specialists in musicology, composition, piano, string, wind and folk musical instruments, choral or symphonic orchestra conducting, solo singing. After graduating the Musical Academy or Conservatoires musicians can work in music colleges, special music schools, in orchestras, choirs or theaters, philharmonics etc. Every academy has its own pedagogical and artistic traditions, but all of them follow the general curriculum with five/six years studying plan.

In addition, students can get the higher music education in Ukraine in pedagogical universities with BA and MA programs in Music Education (generally, there are about 20 universities in all regions of Ukraine – in Kyiv, Nizhyn, Kharkiv, Zhytomyr, Kropyvnytsky, Melitopol, Odessa, Mykolaiv, Mukachevo, Ivano-Frankivsk and others). These universities include Faculties or Departments, specialized in music education with focus on pedagogical, psychological and methodological trainings of future music teachers in kindergardens and public schools.

There students get all necessary knowledge and skills in music theory and playing the musical instruments (piano, string, wind, folk musical instruments). They are studying the basics of vocal art and choral conducting, rhythmic and theater playing etc. Every university has its own special courses and additional qualifications for students. For example, some universities prepare the specialists in music therapy; the others have the courses in the multimedia and technology in music education; other universities provide the additional courses in the area of artistic management, organizing and leading the musical ensembles or orchestras etc.

The solid part of curriculum for pedagogical universities with music education programs covers the practical didactic activities of students directly with children in kindergardens, public schools, leisure-time centers etc. It helps future music teachers to understand the essence of their profession and to be prepared for the requests of contemporary music education in Ukraine.


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