PRiME Practitioner Research in Music Education


The EAS SFG PRiME gathers those teachers and researchers that are interested in the field of Practitioner Research in Music Education.

Practitioner Research is used as the umbrella term for projects conducted by music teachers researching on their own praxis – alone, in teams or in cooperation with external researchers. Practitioner researchers do carry out self-studies, experimental research, design-based research, interpretative research, action research or a combination of these approaches.

Music teachers’ practitioner research involves teacher-researchers in problems that they, as practitioners, perceive as important; it generates immediate and often profound benefits for the teacher-researchers and their students; it produces various kinds of knowledge; and, by generating narratives of improvement, including obstacles and setbacks, it can encourage and inspire other teachers.

The aims of the EAS Special Focus Group PRiME are to connect European practitioner researchers in music education, to make their work more visible to the interested public, and to colleagues, to offer meetings, common symposia and knowledge exchange.

Working group members

Jonas Völker (DE) – PRiME coordinator
Sandra Degen (CH) – PRiME co-coordinator
Isolde Malmberg (DE)
Thade Buchborn (DE)
Thomas De Baets (BE)

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