Report of the EAS Student Forum 2021 in Freiburg (DE)

The 18th Student forum was due to the pandemic situation not held in Freiburg (Germany) in person, but according to the motto “Music is what people do” online.

Although it was an online event, 12 student delegates from 6 different countries nevertheless took part in this special event, organized by Andreas Bernhofer (Salzburg), Bernd Clausen (Köln), Diletta Bibbo (Padua) and Lena Widdermann (Freiburg)

Despite the online situation, the students were able to share with each other how things are done in music lessons and music studies in their countries.

There were different workshops to make music together with soundscapes, discuss and discover impressions and ideas. A special workshop gave the students an insight into beatboxing skills.

Among other activities, we took the participants on a musical walk through Freiburg, to give them a bit of the feeling of being in Freiburg. While listening to the Musical Walk, the participants went for a walk in their own hometowns to share the pictures and impressions with each other. 

Furthermore, the participants had the opportunity to take part in an online workshop in which they learned beatboxing basics.

Another highlight of the SF was to listen to the keynote speech ”Music is what people do” held by  Prof. Dr. Evert Bisshop and to ask the speaker questions and discuss directly afterwards.

The forum was concluded with the presentation of their students voices, which they had prepared together during the three days.

Comments of the participants:

„I can safely say that the EAS Student Forum 2021 was one of the best virtual events that I have attended since the start of the pandemic and in a short space of time, I have managed to make good friends from across the continent.”

“For me, SF was a window into new informations, knowledge, methods, ways of looking at music and people.”

“An invaluable experience that continues to inspire me to take new musical steps.”

“The student forum showed me the importance and joy of having discussions and interactions with music teachers from other countries, because we can learn from each other and enrich each other’s ideas.”