SF 2008 Report

6th International EAS Student Forum in Bologna / Italy

Aim & Key Questions

Every year EAS holds a conference in Europe and the Student Forum has become a regular and very successful feature of the programme (the EAS-coordinators which are responsible for the concept & organisation are Sarah Hennessy & Gerhard Sammer)

In 2008 there participated 26 students from 13 different European countries in the EAS Student Forum.

The aim is …

  • …to bring student teachers together to share and exchange information, experience and ideas about their own training, music in schools and music education in their own country
  • …to give you the opportunity to develop some ideas and recommendations for music teacher training and music in schools for the future.

For the 6th International Student Forum we had two key questions:

  •     What are the factors which contribute to effective music teacher training?
  •     How should music teacher training respond to globalisation?

Exchange on different systems & Poster session

In session 2 there was the possiblity to speak with each other about the different school systems, the music in schools and the music teacher training. it was very intensive, but there was not enough time to discuss all the posters & materials which the students brought to Bologna.

Intensive Group work

The following pictures give some impressions about the intensive group work of the students. The working language was English: it was a challange for most of the students to express their thougths in the foreign language.

MTT in Europe – weaknesses & strengths

The two posters give a summary of the estimation from the perspectives of the students.

Collaboration EAS – ISME – YPFG (Young Professional Focus Group)

This is the first time EAS has collaborated with ISME in organizing an international student forum in the frame of the ISME-conference and we hope that future ISME conferences will include a similar forum for student music teachers.

Many thanks to some members of the YPFG (Young Professional Focus Group), who worked with the students in one session at the Forum in Bologna. For more information on the YPFG (chaired by Lily Chen-Hafteck):



Muscial activity

Unfortunately there was only less time for musical activities….
musical activity – folk music musical activity – folk music

Final Presentation

The presentation of the students focussed on the two key questions and was very lively and activating.

Participants of the 6th International Student Forum

A Vock, Elisabeth
A Schöffmann, Christoph
B Vandewalle, Loes
B Van Meeuwen, Francesco
CH Trost, Gisela
CY Angeliki, Finika
CY Stylianou, Athanasia
D Kanehl, Jan
D Göllner, Michael
D Schäfer, Fabian
D Zirngibl, Johanna
Est Jaaguri, Moonika
Est Haagen, Liis
IT Capelli, Viola
IT Pizzol, Sabrina
IT Limongelli, Monica
NL Pardoen, Marysia
P Ferreira, André
P Costa, João
PL Pieńkosz, Katarzyna
PL Roj, Anna
SLO Dolinsek, Valentina
SLO Podbregar, Meta
UK Bray, Dubheasa Julianna
UK Dangerfield, Ella

Short Feedback of the students

„…I really liked the point that one of our main focus was to respect other´s positions and to integrate them in the groups work – that was sometimes hard but I think it improved my social competence.”

I think it has been a good experience – really interesting to know different systems of music education. Maybe it needs more time to do in practice and more time to get to know the different reality.

I think the presentation at the end of the forum is the best way to show that we are able to think about the future in teaching because we believe in it!

I think the EAS student forum is an important event!

I think this conference was very good for to meet other people and cultures, we discussed a lot about our school systems. It was a great opportunity to learn and think more about some problems between different cultures and globalisation.

We had a good time together J

It was very nice experience for me. I love the way that we came into deeper communication very quickly.

I´ve learned so much.

It was a great experience being with all these people from different countries! The exchanging ideas and feelings seems to be similar! I´ve learnt a lot of the curriculum of other countries. The final presentation was really good! I would prefer the procedure of these days to be more practical.

Thank you for this journey!

I´ve learned a lot about the music teacher training in other countries and it was quite interesting to see the differences.

In my opinion one subject is enough for that time, because we have to think about it a bit longer and to get deeper into this issue.

I´ve learned team group work: In all my training I´ve been tought about it but never really did it.

I´ve learned working together and this course made me think about globalisation more.

This conference was a great experience for me. I did never before discuss so much about MTT.

For me it is difficult to express feelings and minds in English!

I would like to have some more time to spent with the group to really make music. There are so many musicians – I would really like to do something with this opportunity.

I received respect for other countries.

I have learned to give more room for those, whose voice does not come across as loud as that of others (due to different language skill levels).

It was to much to do!

Sponsorship by Sibelius

Thanks for the sponsorship by Sibelius. The students got T-shirts for their final presentation with the eas & the sibelius logo.