Looking back at EAS Conference 2023 at Lyon (France)

For all those who want to refresh some nice memories of this year’s EAS conference in the beautiful city of Lyon (and for all those who could not come and want to know what they missed), EAS provides you with a conference report (as a PDF download) and a video review (available on the EAS YouTube channel). Enjoy your summer!  

Looking forward to Lyon 2023

Lyon 2023 logoThe 30th EAS Conference in France is just around the corner! The city of Lyon and  Lyon University, Université Lumière Lyon 2  are ready to welcome EAS members from all over Europe, as well as members of ISME to the 9th ISME European Regional Conference, from May 24th to 27th, 2023.

Browse the Conference Agenda, follow all updates on Facebook and find more information about the conference at the EAS Website. See you soon – à très bientôt!

(A friendly reminder: Please note that registration for the confernce is closed and that there will be no on-site registrations during the conference.)

The City of Belgrade and What to Visit

What the famous Serbian writers, poets and journalists said about Belgrade:

„This grand city seems to have always been like this: torn and split, as if it never exists but is perpetually being created, built upon and recovered … Ever in motion and rustle, never calm and never knowing tranquility or quiet, the city upon two rivers, on the grand clearing, bound by the winds. (Ivo Andrić)

 “He who was lucky enough to wake up this morning in Belgrade shouldn’t ask for anything more in life. More than that would be immodest.” (Duško Radović)

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EAS launches its online networking programme!

In the past few weeks, we have been exploring possibilities to keep our EAS network alive during the period June 10-13, the timeframe of the cancelled EAS2020 conference in Padova.

Below you can find a schedule of our online activities. We don’t have the ambition to replace the conference, but want to offer a few networking activities for the EAS community instead.

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