Open Call for Position of 2nd Staff Member of the EAS Student Forum (SF)


The position of the 2nd Staff Member for the SF is available. This is usually for a period of approximately 4 years, although this can vary. The person selected will take on the role after the Jelgava conference March 2018 and will work with Hanne Orrenmaa (FI) (with support from Marina Gall). S/he will also, in time, be expected to take on the EAS SF Lead position.

Role Descriptor

See separate document: EAS Student Forum Staff Profiles. Please read carefully before making an application.

Key Criteria for Selection

  • Must be involved in academic/research work related to music teacher education (this is because the current other staff
  • Must have been an active member of the EAS member for at least 2 years;
  • Must be able to attend the Jelgava EAS conference and be prepared to engage with staff / be involved in some way in the Jelgava SF (this could be just ‘shadowing’ work or could include some leading);
  • Must have already been involved in working with trainee music teachers;
  • Must have experience of work with an international dimension;
  • Must be concerned to enable the ‘student voice’.

Secondary Criteria for Selection

  • Geographical spread: preferably having one staff member from a ‘Western’ and one from an’ Eastern’ country;
  • Experience across differing school age ranges.

Process for Selection

Please complete the SF 2nd Staff Member application form and send to the board member overseeing the work of the SF:

The closing date for applications is Monday 15th January 2018.  

The selection will be made by the Student Forum team. Applicants should expect to be notified of the result within 2 weeks. They should then be prepared to be involved in discussion about the possibility of shadowing/leading some of the SF work in Jelgava and being involved in discussions at/following the 2018 Student Forum.

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