Open Call for EAS National Coordinators (NCs)

National CoordinatorsThe EAS announces an open call, among its members, for the positions of the National Coordinator, for the year 2019, for the following countries (applications till 15th of January 2019): Bosnia, Bulgaria, Denmark, Malta, Romania, Russia and Cyprus.



EAS National Coordinator: Role Description and responsibilities

The ‘National Coordinators’ (NCs) represent the EAS at national level. They support music education activities and initiatives in their countries and they communicate these activities at the European level. They may cooperate in this with other representatives of the EAS, primarily with the EAS board members and with the NCs of the other countries.

The NCs should in principle be able

  • to join the annual conferences
  • to attend the annual NC-meetings prior to the conferences and report on national developments
  • to present in the NC-Symposia during conferences
  • to contribute to the website and sometimes to international projects.
  • to endeavor to build close cooperation with national and regional music education and music teachers’ associations in their countries.
  • to distribute the nomination for the annual Student Fora (Student Forum and Doctoral Student Forum) and nominate, activate participants from her/his country involving a broad range of colleagues and institutions.


Applications till 15th of January 2019


Please send your CV and a (short) “Letter of Motivation” for the position of the NC to (Dr. Natassa Economidou Stavrou) till 15th of January 2019. The selection will be made by the EAS board. All applicants will be informed as soon as possible!

Upon appointment an agreement is signed for the period of one year (2019) by the NC, the EAS and the respective institution or association (i.e. university, school, association).


Criteria for selection:

  1. Contribution to EAS: The NCs would preferably be colleagues, who know about EAS, are EAS individual members, who have attended recent conferences and contributed to EAS’s international work.
  2. Professional Field and Country Network: The NCs should strongly be connected in their professional field to music education in schools (eg. specialized/certified music teachers, music teacher trainers, university music teachers) and should be well-known in the music education networks, recognized as good practitioners or well-known scientists in their countries.
  3. Motivation: The NCs are interested and engaged in developing our common European network for music education and help to motivate people and institutions within their country to participate in EAS conferences and become individual / institutional members.
  4. English language: The NCs should in principle be able to communicate well in English language

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