Hotel List, Travel Advice and Touristic Offers for Belgrade 2022

Check out travel advice, hotel list and touristic offers for the EAS conference 2022!


1. Eden hotel, Terazije 13

2. Dominic Smart & Luxury Suites – Terazije 12

3. Amsterdam Hotel, Jug Bogdanova 10

4. Panorama Central Apartments, Majke Jevrosime 11

5. Kopernikus Hotel Prag, Kraljice Natalije 27

6. Belgrade Inn Garni Hotel, Francuska 11

7. Maison Royale, Kneza Mihaila 52

8. Hotel Opera Garni, Braće Jugovića 16

9. Hotel Marshal Garni, Maršala Birjuzova 3

10. Hotel Majestic, Obilićev venac 28

11. Hotel Palas, Topličin venac 23

12. Hotel Slavija, Svetog Save 2

Time Zone in Belgrade and Serbia are located in the Central European time zone region – GMT +1 and/or GMT +2 as of the last week in the third month until the Saturday prior to the last week of the tenth month.

Electricity voltage in Belgrade is 220V. Electrical outlets are standard European.

Water – Tap water in Belgrade is safe to drink.


The official currency of Serbia is the Dinar, abbreviated RSD. Credit cards are accepted in most hotels and shops, and nearly all ATMs accept international bank cards. Currency exchange in Belgrade (including at Belgrade Airport) accept Sterling, US Dollars and Euros. You should only change money through banks and post offices or official/authorized exchange offices, not through street dealers. Dinar is issued in denominations of 10/20/50/100/200/500/1000/5000. Euro course to Serbian Dinar is approximately 117,60 rsd, but the current exchange rate may be checked on the website of the National Bank of Serbia.


The passenger is only required to pay for taxi services according to the current price list and to the amount indicated by the taxi meter at the end of the journey. Negotiating a price for taxi services, where the taxi meter is not switched on, is not recommended, especially at the airport.

COMPLAINTS: +381 11 3227-000    

The cost of the taxi ride also includes transport of the passenger’s personal baggage. Personal baggage includes travel bags and suitcases not exceeding 20 kg in weight per passenger and 50 kg in total, in the event that there are several passengers. Taxi drivers usually charge not more than 2000 rsd from Belgrade Airport “Nikola Tesla” to the city center and must give customers a printed receipt.


Belgrade city public transport is provided through a network of bus, trolleybus and tram routes run by GSP “Beograd” and bus services operated by private bus companies, on around 130 routes. Single tickets can be bought in public transport vehicles, from the driver or conductor, at kiosks marked with a ticket sales sticker and at GSP points-of-sale.

Paper cards are most suitable for tourists. If you are not frequent user you should buy a paper card which costs 89 rsd, and you can drive with that card 90 min. on all lines (for 1st or 2nd public transportation zone). If you buy a ticket on the bus a card cost 150 rsd.

There are also express minibus services which are a little more expensive, but also more comfortable and quicker as they do not stop at every bus-stop.


Bel rent a car – Box rent a car – Gong rent a car – Aldi rent a car – Best rent a car – Drive M Rent a car – Agape rent a car – Alonso rent a car – Twiga rent a car – Vigo rent a car – Blue rent a car – DLN rent a car – Rent a car Atos


As in all big cities, finding a parking space in the central streets of Belgrade during working hours is very tricky and we recommend vehicles be parked in a public car park. Parking areas on the streets in the center of Belgrade are divided into three parking zones where parking time is limited and payment is made for each full or incomplete hour:

– Red zone – maximum 1 hour

– Yellow zone – maximum 2 hours

– Green zone – maximum 3 hours

Parking areas within these three parking zones are indicated by special traffic signs bearing the colour of the zone as well as by road markings. Parking is payable in all three zones on week days from 07.00-21.00 and Saturdays from 07.00 and 14.00. Once the allowed time has expired, the driver must move his or her vehicle. A parking warden will leave a fine payment order under the windscreen wipers if he should fail to do so.

Payment methods for parking in the three zones are:

– Parking tickets – these are purchased at kiosks and other points of sale. The time of arrival should be written on the ticket and it should be displayed on the inside of the windscreen.

– Parking ticket machines (only in the red zone) – machines selling parking tickets take coins and electronic parking cards.

– Mobile phone – by sending an SMS containing the registration number of the vehicle (for example BG123456, without spaces) to 9111, 9112 or 9113 (depending on the zone), from any mobile network.

Confirmation that payment has been made by SMS will arrive in the form of a return SMS to the users mobile, detailing the parking service they have paid for. The user must keep the return SMS as proof that they have paid to park in the event that they are erroneously issued a fine. Should the user not receive a return message confirming payment for parking within two minutes, SMS payment for parking has failed and they will not be charged for the service. The user may obtain information about the status of currently paid parking in a zone by sending an SMS with a “?” in the text to the number for that zone. A reminder of the expiry of the parking period will arrive five to 10 minutes before expiry in the form of an SMS message sent to the user’s mobile phone. The user may extend the parking period for an additional hour by sending an SMS message containing the same registration number or just a “*” to the same parking zone number. Once the maximum parking time allowed has expired, the user may not pay to park by SMS for the next 15 minutes.

Parking areas outside the three central zones, which are marked by the usual traffic signs, can be used for an unlimited time period and are paid for on an hourly or daily basis between 7.00 and 21.00 on work days and on Saturdays from 7.00 to 14.00.

Parking in public garages is payable per full or incomplete hour:

PIONIRSKI PARK, Dragoslava Jovanovića 4

OBILIĆEV VENAC, Obilićev venac 14

ZELENI VENAC, Kraljice Natalije 13

MASARIKOVA, Masarikova 4-6

VUKOV SPOMENIK, Ruzveltova 1

AIRPORT (there are also facilities for secure longer-stay vehicle parking)



Tour “Belgrade your host” is open bus tour for sightseeing, with a capacity of 90 seats (60 outdoor and 30 indoor section), equipped with audio guides in five languages​: Serbian, English, French, German and Russian. Sightseeing tour lasts 70 minutes. Departure is from Square Nikola Pasic (in front of City Parliament). The minimum number of passengers for the tour is 15 persons.


Tourists will have an opportunity to enjoy daily sightseeing of the city by an open-top bus. The tour includes an audio guide in eight languages.   The open-top bus touristic tour lasts around 90 minutes. It is an audio-guided tour during which can be heard the story about the history and culture. Alongside this tour, Lasta also organizes an open-top bus tour from the city center to Avala mountain during weekends. 


Get to know history and architecture of turbulent period in Serbian development. See the Republic Square, the Albania palace, Terazije square with famous Hotel Moscow, National parliament, Belgrade city assembly and presidency, Tasmajdan park, the Saint Marko church, Russian Orthodox church, Radio-Television of Serbia – 1999 NATO bombing memorial, the monuments “Why?” and “We were just children”, the Faculty of Law. We will pass by Nikola Tesla museum and walk through beautiful Vračar streets to Slavija square, National library of Serbia and glorious Saint Sava temple. The tour is organized every day at 10.30 am during the whole year and usually lasts around 2.5 hours. The meeting point is at the Republic Square behind the monument.  


The palace complex of the Karageorgevich dynasty on Dedinje consists of the Royal and White Palaces. The Royal Palace was built between 1924 and 1929 with the private funds of His Majesty King Alexander I (the grandfather of HRH Crown Prince Alexander). Attached to The Royal Palace there is a Royal Chapel dedicated to Saint Apostle Andrew The First-Called, the Patron Saint of The Royal Family. The Royal Palace was the home of King Alexander I and King Peter. Today The Royal Palace is the home of Crown Prince Alexander II and his family.

The White Palace is located within the same complex as The Royal Palace and it was commissioned by command of His Majesty King Alexander I as the residence for his three sons HRH Crown Prince Peter (the future King Peter II), Prince Tomislav and Prince Andrej. The ground floor of this classicistic palace houses a large hall and a number of drawing rooms furnished in the style of Louis XV and Louis XVI with large Venetian chandeliers. There is also a library which had more than 35 000 books and a formal Chippendale dining room. Regular tours run from April until October. The price of admission is 650 RSD and the number of group members is limited to 50.


Sailing down the longest Belgrade tour, you will be able to see all eight bridges in the city, the six on Sava river, and the two over Danube. Moreover, there is the Kalemegdan fortress, Nebojša tower, Little Horse and the Great War Island, the confluence of the two rivers, as well as the weekend houses of the fishermen. You can see the beautiful city of Zemun and the Millennium tower, New Belgrade block shaped buildings, the ex-building of the Yugoslavian Communist party Central committee (Ušće shopping center). There are rafts and clubs for exciting nightlife, Savamala, the monument raised at the spot of the WWII “Staro sajmiste” prison camp. You can see the future “Belgrade Waterfront”, the ship “Dragor” – royal ship that sailed on the rivers in the former country, Belgrade Fair, and the city beach, Ada Ciganlija. While we sail, you can listen to the stories about the city and its former and modern residents. Our guides speak Serbian, Spanish, and English language. The tour lasts for 90 minutes. We offer the day tour where you can enjoy the sunset, and the night tour. You can order drinks on the ship. Full capacity is 45 passengers, so please, book your place in advance. The minimum number of passengers required is 15. For foreign travelers, the meeting point is in front of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Knez Mihailova street.


The tour starts with the sightseeing from an open top bus, along the standard route, the bus drives the interested guests to the Jugoslavija Hotel, after which the guests, accompanied by the tour guide, board the boat Stevanske livade which is anchored near the Gabbiano float. The duration of the river sightseeing is 90 minutes, in the company of a licensed tour guide, and after the ride the guests return to Jugoslavija Hotel where they board the bus and return to their place of departure, which is the Nikola Pasic Square. We would like to mention that the river sightseeing is conducted by a licensed tour guide, in both Serbian and English languages. The boat capacity is 50 seats. The minimum number for the realization of the river boat sightseeing program is 15.

BOAT KEJ 1 AND KEJ 2; Email:

Yachting Club Kej organize every day cruises during all year and Party Boat by night. Boats are very comfortable, with two levels, with open bar and restaurant, open Deck, WIFI, toilets and very kind and helpful staff. The tour lasts 90 minutes with English speaking tour guide.


  Tour: Knez Mihailova Street-Republic Square-Kalemegdan park-Monuments of Gratitude to France and Russia-The bastion where World War 1 started-Sports fields where sport clubs Partizan and Red Star were founded-Weapons from World War 1 and World War 2-Serbian medieval castle ruins-“The Victor”, trademark symbol of Belgrade-Tito’ s bunker-Roman well, underground Belgrade-Military museum-2000 years of history in layers of one wall-ZOO-XIX century Belgrade (Kralja Petra Str., Kosancicev Venac – Montmartre of Belgrade)-Congregation church-Dorcol, the oldest part of Belgrade-Jewish/Oriental/German Belgrade (by choice)-Belgrade University building from 1807-Confluence of the rivers Sava and Danube-Refreshing Segway ride near river banks-Tennis academy “Novak Djokovic”-Nebojsa tower-Belgrade nightlife (raft-restaurants, Beton hall)-Belgrade’s art district, Savamala.


If you like active vacations, than Belgrade Running Tour is just the right choice for you. It is unique concept of sightseeing by easy running in small groups with a guide. The guides are not classic tourist guides, but young people, locals who like running, love Belgrade and know lots of stories and anecdotes that you won’t find in tourist brochures. Running tours are designed so that everybody can find something for themselves, whether it’s the tour of the old city, running by the rivers or getting to know the wider city center. We also offer longer tours, and tailored tours for all those with special requests and wishes. Belgrade Running Tour offers the chance to experience Belgrade in a different way – a nicer way.


Discover new sense of Belgrade by visiting several breweries and revealing tastes and aromas of various beers! Serbia is known as the country of brandy and wine lovers…but affection for good beer is also characteristic of Serbian people. Not only that in the previous few years there are more and more new beer factories, but a lot of young manufacturers has launched new types of unusual beers. Phenomenal combinations of flavors will make your experience of beer consumption special and unforgettable. Some of these new tastes have already become recognizable, and you will love it! On the route you will visit 3 breweries, enjoy the presentation about making of the beer Meet the brewer, and taste 7 different types of local beer and hear many interesting stories about making this special drink that we all love so much.


Experience Belgrade from a different perspective! The tours are organized in the visible part of the day, departing from Dobanovci ( 15-20 min drive from the city center) for a period of 15, 30 and 60 minutes. For a closer experience of the city, recommended tours of 30 and 60 minutes. The flights are carried out by helicopters type Robinson R44, with a capacity of three passengers + pilot, allowing maximum comfort. Pilots are most experienced pilots in Serbia. Enjoy the flight and the beauty of Belgrade from the air!


Visit to the underground sites portray the story about the unusual history of Belgrade, strange fates and legends, as well as answers to some of the enigmas that for centuries encourage curiosity about history and culture. The tour includes visit to the Roman theater where are the foundations of the main gate of the Roman fortress from the 2nd century, Roman aqueduct and pipes. Visitors will enter in the Roman well built in the early 18th century, the underground bunkers and a large warehouse Barutana. We will pass through the tunnel that leads from the collar to the Kosancicev wreath in Karađorđeva Street, from which one can see another lagum.


Belgrade Fortress and Kalemegdan Park are one of the most favorites and “must to” tourist points while visiting Belgrade in every of the currently open objects on the Fortress (Roman Well, Sahat Tower, Nebojša Tower, Big Powder Magacine, Kazamati where is the exhibition of the medieval torture devices) upon arrival, the visitors are introduced about the history and the significance of the place by the professional tourist presenter. Upon request, there is a service of arranging a professional tour guide for guiding the group through the Belgrade Fortress and Kalemegdan Park. Tour can last between one and four hours, depending on the age and sphere of interest.  


Located in the strict city center Belgrade Zoo known as The Garden of Good Hope, is situated in one of the most attractive city locations – Kalemegdan Park. Founded in 1936, it has one of the oldest animal collections in Europe. Soon after the grand opening, Belgrade Zoo became one of the most favorites places where Belgradians gladly visited. A couple of times, the Zoo hosted the members of the royal family, Karadjordjevich. The contemporary Zoo spans a surface area of 7 hectares, with over 2,000 animals from 200 species. On the occasion of its 60th birthday, it was presented with a monument to its once most interesting and beloved residents, the first chimp to arrive at the Zoo, the ape Sammy. The Belgrade Zoo is open 365 days per year.

If some of the participants decide to stay a little bit longer in Belgrade, maybe chose the concert of IRON MAIDEN and their Legacy Of The Beast 2022 Tour, includes Stark Arena, Belgrade on 24 May.

The show has already been seen by almost two million people across the globe, being hailed by fans and media alike as the most extravagant and visually spectacular performance of the band’s career to date, with a decades-spanning set list of fan favourites and hits. The 2022 show will also include some songs from Maiden’s new studio album Senjutsu. The band last played in Serbia in 2014 so this date will be the first chance for Serbian fans to witness the spectacular Legacy show and to hear the new songs played live for the first time.