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Hanne Orrenmaa

Nurmo high school and secondary school

Hanne Orrenmaa got her master´s degree at Sibeius Academy in 1992. She specialised in ethnic music and music and movement. Hanne worked as a secondary and high school music teacher in Vaasa co-educational school in 1993-1999 and since 2000 in Nurmo high school and secondary school in Seinäjoki, Finland. Hanne Orrenmaa got a drama educator degree in 2013, and since that Hanne has written, dramatized and directed many musicals and music plays for youth in her hometown Seinäjoki. Hanne Orrenmaa has sung in excellent choirs since she was a child, for example in the international, all-European mixed choir Vox Europae. Hanne is one of the founders of Vox Europae and works currently as the secretary of the choir. Since 2007 Hanne Orrenmaa has also conducted choirs. She conducts currently four choirs, from which one is the international youth choir YES. Hanne Orrenmaa´s biggest passion is to “do music work without borders”; consequently she has given countless music, rhythm and drama workshops around the world. In 2016 she travelled with her three daughters for half a year in 16 countries around the world, giving 25 voluntary music workshops on four continents. Hanne Orrenmaa trains teachers in music and drama all around the world. Hanne Orrenmaa is the founder and chairman of charity organisation Anna Hyvän Kasvaa (Let Everything Good Grow), which helps especially children in undeveloped countries. Hanne Orrenmaa is a freelance journalist, specialized in culture.