National Coordinator: João Cunha


Ph.D. in Music (University of Aveiro – Portugal), Master in Music Education (University of Minho – Portugal) and Specialized Teacher in Music (Consortium of Portuguese Polytechnic Institutes). Orff-Schulwerk approach international training acquired in Austria, Canada, England, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Italy Slovakia, Spain, The Netherlands and United States of America. Author (books / chapters / articles / communications / workshops) at national and international Conferences, Congresses and Symposia, focusing his area of interest and research at Music Education / Aesthetic and Artistic Education. He has strong background in Elementary, Secondary and Superior Education with certification, public school teaching experience (18 years of teaching in K-12 schools and 11 years in Superior School of Education – Teacher Graduation). Fellow Researcher at INET-md: Music and Dance Studies Center (Portuguese National Research Foundation: FCT) and Collaborator Researcher – CIEB: Basic Education Studies Center. Volunteer Music Education Teacher and Director (2014 to present) at Senior University of Vinhais – Portugal.

Email: jcrcunha@hotmail.com

Institute: University of Aveiro | INET-md / Polytechnic Institute of Bragança | CIEB

Institutional website: http://www.inetmd.pt / http://www.cieb.ese.ipb.pt