Call for Papers EAS2017 (Salzburg) now open!

You are warmly invited to submit: Spoken research papers, Spoken practice papers, Posters, and Demonstrations / Workshops.

Main theme: JOINT (AD)VENTURE MUSIC – Networking as a challenge for music teachers

Helping young people to develop a deeper understanding of music and fostering their active participation in musical life in a rapidly changing society has to be a joint venture between different partners. Such joint ventures may turn into joint (ad)ventures that explore multiple facets of musical culture.

Embedded in a cultural network, music education in schools depends on dialogues with:

  • public and private cultural institutions
  • extracurricular music education
  • referential research fields

This congress encourages musical educators and communicators involved in their own specific ventures to become engaged in the adventure of new collaborations.

We invite participants to consider: What are the challenges and benefits of interdisciplinary approaches? What are the challenges and benefits of multimedial approaches? To what extent can new approaches foster a better understanding of works of art? What are the challenges of cooperative projects between different institutions? What are the benefits of breaking up the close framework of the classroom-situation? Which partners are supportive in a search for new approaches? How do we develop students’ ability of working together?

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