Call for papers – Lyon 2023

30th EAS Conference /9th European ISME Regional Conference

Liberty, Equity, Creativity ! Innovating and inventing music in the classroom

May 24-27 2023 – Lyon, France

The European Association for Music in Schools brings together teachers, artists and researchers who are committed to developing and improving music education throughout the countries of Europe.

To build up a strong European network, we believe it is important to meet. But for three years now, due to the Covid-pandemic, this has often been impossible. The Lyon Conference is organized as a full live event, offering opportunities to share ideas, discuss innovations, create networks, listen to and make music. You can join manifold paper presentations, symposia, open session formats, workshops, special focus groups and concerts.

At the 30th EAS Conference in Lyon we want to discuss questions about “Innovating and inventing music in the classroom”:

  • Teaching approaches to foster childrens creativity
  • Group and classroom composing and improvising
  • Democratic approaches to childrens composing
  • Artistic freedom and its constraints
  • Current trends in composing among young people in and outside of school
  • Technology enabling composition and production
  • Teacher training for composing and improvising in class

Please submit on the Conference Platform
!! Submission deadline extended until November 10th 2022 !!
(login to ConfTool or create new login, then choose “Your Submissions”)

Submissions are invited for:

  1. Research papers (20 + 10 minutes discussion)
  2. Practice papers (20 + 10 minutes discussion)
  3. Posters
  4. Workshops (45 or 90 minutes)
  5. Symposia (90 minutes)

Overall quality criteria for submissions include: how well the submission relates to the conference theme “Innovating and inventing music in the classroom”, the relevance for the EAS network (music education in and around school work), and English proficiency (Only abstracts in correct English can be accepted).

Research papers (spoken):
Research papers are presentations of research projects. Empirical paper abstracts should include: background, aims, method, results, key references, and conclusions. Theoretical paper abstracts should include: background, aims, main contribution, implications, and key references.

Practice papers (spoken):
Practice papers present project reports, offering creative pedagogical ideas or explaining innovative approaches. Practice paper abstracts should include: theoretical background and context (characteristics of participants, time and place), aims of the project, method or pedagogical approach, activities, and outcomes.

Poster presentation titles and abstracts will appear in the Conference program. Presenters will be assigned designated times in the conference schedule. Poster abstracts should include: background, aims, method, results, key references, and conclusions. Specific information about poster dimensions and other requirements will be communicated to authors of accepted posters.

Information on workshops will appear in the Conference program and will be assigned designated times in the conference schedule. Workshop abstracts should include: background, aims, a short description of the activities, and implications for practice. Presenters may propose a 45 or 90 minute demonstration or workshop.

A symposium provides an opportunity to examine specific practice or research issues, problems, or topics from a variety of perspectives. Symposia may also use a panel discussion format. Symposia may be quite interactive: A large portion of the session may be devoted to activities such as discussion among the presenters and participants. Apart from the overall abstract, all presenters are expected to prepare an abstract up to 300 words each. Session submission include 3 to 6 participants. Symposia abstracts should include: meaningful presentation, discussion, and audience participation. Submitters propose their own chairperson.


Publications based on the conference theme may be published in two issues:

  • Conference Program. The abstracts of all accepted presentations will be published in the program.
  • European Perspectives on Music Education. A new volume in the EAS book series “European Perspectives on Music Education” (EPoME) will be compiled based on the EAS 2023 conference theme. The editors of the book will collaborate with the editorial board of the EAS. If you are accepted to present at the conference you will receive an invitation to submit an abstract of 1000 words together with the paper acceptance letter. The editors will also invite selected conference presenters and other experts from the thematic field to contribute.

Thank you for your continued interest in participating in the EAS Conferences. The 2023 EAS Conference Team stands ready to assist you with any questions or concerns. Please contact us by e-mail at