European Day of Music in School (EuDaMuS) 2023

European Day of Music in Schools

March 15th 2023

11:00-11:30 a.m.  Central European Time

For the second time, the European Association for Music in School (EAS) invites students, teachers, parents, music educators, musicians and friends to celebrate virtual European Day of Music in School! Join in this international celebration of music education by making, drawing, listening to, discussing, sharing music with  everyone around Europe.

Follow the event LIVE on the EAS YouTube channel !

The theme of EuDaMuS-2023:  “MUSIC IN US”

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The City of Belgrade and What to Visit

What the famous Serbian writers, poets and journalists said about Belgrade:

„This grand city seems to have always been like this: torn and split, as if it never exists but is perpetually being created, built upon and recovered … Ever in motion and rustle, never calm and never knowing tranquility or quiet, the city upon two rivers, on the grand clearing, bound by the winds. (Ivo Andrić)

 “He who was lucky enough to wake up this morning in Belgrade shouldn’t ask for anything more in life. More than that would be immodest.” (Duško Radović)

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