Open Call for EAS National Coordinators (NCs)


National Coordinators

The EAS announces an open call, among its members, for the positions of the National Coordinator, for the two years period from 2018 to 2019, for the following countries (applications till 15th of January 2018): Albania, Austria, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Denmark, Greece, Luxemburg, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Romania and Russia.


EAS National Coordinator: Role Description and responsibilities

The ‘National Coordinators’ (NCs) represent the EAS at national level. They support music education activities and initiatives in their countries and they communicate these activities at the European level. They may cooperate in this with other representatives of the EAS, primarily with the EAS board members and with the NCs of the other countries.

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Open Call for Position of 2nd Staff Member of the EAS Student Forum (SF)


The position of the 2nd Staff Member for the SF is available. This is usually for a period of approximately 4 years, although this can vary. The person selected will take on the role after the Jelgava conference March 2018 and will work with Hanne Orrenmaa (FI) (with support from Marina Gall). S/he will also, in time, be expected to take on the EAS SF Lead position.

Role Descriptor

See separate document: EAS Student Forum Staff Profiles. Please read carefully before making an application.

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Extended deadline call for papers

jelgava-themeWe are aware that this is a hectic period of the academic year and that the people are having issues working with the submission system. To make sure that everyone who wants to have the opportunity to apply we have extended the submission deadline for the conference in Jelgava/Riga – to November 30, 2017. Read more about the call for papers …

We look forward to your application!